Facebook Ads Made Simple – Author Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Andrea Vahl

New book: Facebook Ads Made Simple: How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads in an Hour or Less.

Facebook Ads Made Simple

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful places to advertise online today. But many people try one ad and decide it doesn’t work. You must test what works for you!

There are a lot of “generalizations” out there about Facebook Ads but your niche might respond differently.

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Annual Content Planning: How To Fill Your Calendar Like A Pro

Annual Content PlanningAnnual Content Planning isn’t about filling your editorial calendar!


You shouldn’t be.

Because content marketing continues to grow at an exponential rate. 90+% of marketers use content marketing.

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How To Reduce Non-Human Digital Traffic: 3 Ways That Will Make Your Marketing Succeed

How to reduce non-human digital trafficLess than 60% of digital traffic is human
(New York Magazine)

Sound like a sci-fi movie treatment?

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5 Vacation Blog Tips: How To Keep Your Content Fresh When You Are Away

Do you ever have problems keeping your blog filled with fresh content?

Before you answer, I’ll tell you a secret.

While you might not believe it, sometimes I do!

Despite my best intentions, holidays and vacations, big work projects, health issues, or other last minute emergencies keep me from blogging.

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2019 Social Media Predictions: How To Make Your Marketing Deliver The Best Results

2019 social media predictionsDoes your marketing really need social media in 2019?

Specifically are you worried about:

As a result do you wonder:

Can I invest my marketing budget elsewhere to yield better results? Continue reading

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2019 Content Marketing Predictions: What You Need To Know To Make You Successful

2019 Content marketing predictionsWant your content marketing to succeed in 2019?

Of course you do!

Then, first consider how key events of 2018 will influence your marketing and content performance.

Based on significant shifts in the 2018 landscape, these ten 2019 Content Marketing Predictions will help you develop and document your plans. Continue reading

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Easy Guide To Solopreneur Pricing: How To Set Rates That Will Make You Happy

Solopreneur PricingOne of the most complex issues facing any solopreneur is “How much should I charge for my services?”

Ask too much and you risk losing business because your price is too high.

But if you charge too little, you leave money on the table. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The Most Awesome Holiday Content Marketing Campaign You Need To See

Holiday Content Marketing CampaignDid you know that Thanksgiving as celebrated today resulted from one of the most awesome holiday content marketing campaigns ever?

Despite what you learned in elementary school, the first harvest feast between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans in 1621 lacked turkey and pumpkin pie! Continue reading

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