Conferences: Live Event Content Marketing You Need To Boost Results

Content Marketing World (aka: CMWorld) isn’t your run-of-the-mill live business conference. 

Attracting over 4,000 attendees, Content Marketing World literally takes over and has a financial impact upon Cleveland.

By contrast, in another city, Content Marketing World would be just another business conference.

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30 Top Content Marketing Experts That Will Make You Smarter

Top Content Marketing ExpertsCleveland here I come –
for Content Marketing World 2018!

It’s my seventh conference and I’ve got the orange to prove it. (Literal hat tip: Joe Pulizzi)

For me, Content Marketing World is not just another marketing conference.

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3 Types Of Conference Content That Will Boost Results

conference contentConference season is kicking off.

Is your conference content ready for prime time?

From a content marketing perspective, major industry conferences are attention magnets because they laser-focus your target audience on the key topics.

As a result, the major conferences are content generation and distribution opportunities requiring less work and budget to break through. Continue reading

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Content Marketing World Authors Will Make You Smarter

Content Marketing World Authors - Heidi Cohen

Get your game on before you leave for Content Marketing World!

Since many Content Marketing World speakers are also published authors, we created this guide to their books.

Read some of these books whether you’re headed to Cleveland or not.


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Facebook Engagement Research: How 43 Million Posts Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

As the third largest website globally behind Google and YouTube, Facebook commands audience eyeballs, time and engagement.

Regardless of company size or marketing budget, you need Facebook for your marketing due to its sheer size as a media entity. Continue reading

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Best Business Books: 50+ Marketing Experts Will Make You Smarter

Best Business Books Recommended by Marketing ExpertsWant to improve your marketing?

Of course, you do.

Beyond learning about the latest marketing trends, the best thing that you can do is to improve your understanding of business more broadly.

The best way to accomplish this is to read the top business books.

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Audience Attention: How To Hook And Retain Reader Focus

Audience Attention SpanDo you really believe that a goldfish has a longer attention span than you do?

If so, then why can you buy a cheap replacement in a plastic bag full of water after you flush the dead one down the toilet?

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5 Content Distribution #Fails That Will Make You A Loser

content distribution failNo one sets out to have a content distribution fail.

Who would?

Even the word loser is enough to evoke painful memories that may date back to childhood.

But face the stark reality that content distribution makes or breaks your content marketing success. Continue reading

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